Top 10 DIY Car Hacks

With a plethora of devices in our lives, there are some that seem almost impossible to conduct DIY improvements, repairs and useful tweaking. The most stubborn of these, most likely, is that expensive four-wheeled gadget resting outside your home. But while many lifehack fans aren’t as comfortable fiddling around with our fancy vehicles as we are with our desktops, there are a lot of simple ways to be able to get more from your car. Here, we’ve compiled 10 of the most popular car-related tips and tricks that’ll help you complete your DIY fantasies.

1. Customised storage space

Just because your car lacks a drivers-side space doesn’t mean you can’t have conveniently easy storage within reach. Use some tape, cups, and other common items to put together your DIY console, or spend a bit more time to craft something a bit sleeker. Also, attaching a sticky pad to your dashboard can serve as a seriously convenient place to keep your gadgets.

2. Keep your car clean for better service

It might sound a bit mundane, but a clean vehicle can do wonders. A little time spent with soap and water saves you a lot of ruined clothes and frustration later on. For example, cleaning out your engine compartment makes it easier for mechanics to find leaks, hose breaks, and other problems, and you’ll also get a smoother running motor.

3. Find your car anywhere

Many of us have experienced wandering around a vast parking lot, searching out our car among all the others. To prevent this problem, you can take a picture of your car and its surroundings to find it yourself when you come back quickly. You can also hold your car remote key up above your head to boost your signal and find your ride.

4. Better fuel economy

You can learn a thing or two from people who take their gas mileage very seriously. Here are a few tips that they swear by:

  • Track your mileage: Unless you’re keeping track, you can’t tell if your efficiency efforts are working. You can try resetting the odometer every time you refill your tank.

  • Leave lots of space ahead of you: Doing this gives you more time to gradually slow down instead of slamming down on your brakes and losing all your momentum in an instant.

  • Use more cruise control: Accelerate gradually over a particular distance, and you save on all the fuel being eaten up by heavy acceleration.

5. Razor Blade Cleaner

You don’t have to settle for a crusted windshield view that’s hazed over with dirt and insects. Stash a razor blade in your glove compartment for a quick way of dealing with noticeable stains.

6. De-ice locks with hand sanitizer

A tiny tube of alcohol hand sanitizer does more than your hands-free of germs—its heavy alcohol content can also help melt ice. Squirt some in a lock, and watch the ice break down easily.

7. Remove tough stains

Nobody likes stains in their car but sometimes it’s unavoidable. With a few household items, however, you can save your car’s interior from looking tacky. For example, if oil or gasoline find their way on your shoes and then onto the car carpets, try dryer lint or dish detergent, respectively, to cleanse them and keep your car spruced up.

8. Nail polish

Nail polish can do many things, and it has a variety of applications. If you ever need to slow a spreading crack in a windshield or window before you can get to the mechanic’s garage, you can rub a little nail polish on it. The same goes for a little ding you got and want to prevent from rusting. Better still, if you can find a nail polish shade that matches your car’s paint job, it can work as a temporary touch-up paint.

9. Integrate your MP3 player

If you don’t have an input jack on the front of your stereo, you can make your own. Start by pulling out your MP3 player and plug a Y-cable into the red and white RCA jacks on the back. The 3.5mm jack on the end of that Y-cable is now your new input. Reroute the cable, fix your stereo back in and plug in your iPhone, MP3, or Android device and you’re good to go.

10. Cleaning with toothpaste

Many of us have noticed our headlights fogging over and worried about their service or replacement cost. Well, those headlights aren’t beyond saving. Give them a good scrub with some cheap toothpaste, which will bring them back to a crystal shine.

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